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Bill Webb

Bill Webb has driven racecars for 60 years. He’s won two major races, and was track champion for Vintage Classic Sportsman in Hickory. His back had bothered him for a while, and was getting increasingly worse. Then a pain struck him suddenly.

William WebbUnable to sit straight enough to drive or jump in or out of his car, he was forced to stop racing. He also works as a courier driver, but was forced to tell his employer he could no longer perform his job, leaving him out of work for four weeks.

“I was limited,” he said. “Everything I did before my surgery I could only do to a point. I was hurting so bad that I had to get something done.”

Bill’s personal doctor recommended he see Dr. Peter Miller, a neurosurgeon who specializes in minimally-invasive procedures with Iredell NeuroSpine.

“I talked to Dr. Miller and had an MRI, and he told me he could help me,” Bill said. “He was very friendly, and I felt really comfortable talking with him. He explained everything he could do, and I had a lot of confidence in him before I ever had the surgery.”

Miller performed a minimally-invasive 3 level spinal fusion, and the morning after surgery Bill was up walking with less pain. He returned home that day.

Just two weeks later though, Bill had an unexpected, unrelated health issue arise and went to the emergency room at Iredell Memorial Hospital, where he had to have emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder. The next day he was walking again.

He appreciated the hospital staff for their compassion and friendliness – and Dr. Miller, who visited Bill during his stay even when it was completely unrelated.

“Both doctors did a fantastic job with my surgeries,” he said. “I’m 82 years old and have been back to work for three months now. The care was great. I’m really proud of what Dr. Miller did and think highly of him. The general surgeon is a great doctor, too. I was lucky to get to the emergency room that day, and he did a great thing for me. I’m very glad I went to Iredell Health System.”

Bill is now back to work and back in his racecar, winning races and winning at life.