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Ken Powers

Ken Powers is normally a sound engineer and photographer, but one morning he suddenly became a patient at Iredell Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Room.

After getting up that morning, Ken immediately lost consciousness, fell, and broke his nose.

Ken’s wife Mary rushed him to the Emergency Room, and as the two approached the triage area, Ken began feeling dizzy.

Recognizing there was something wrong, a hospital nurse placed Ken in a wheelchair and took him to the cardiac unit.

An Emergency Department doctor ran tests to determine what was causing Ken to pass out, and discovered he had suffered an aortic aneurysm. It was causing a bulge in the vein wall, which had tripled in size and could erupt at any time. The doctor contacted a cardiac surgeon at a nearby hospital, and it was determined that Ken needed immediate surgery. He was transported by an ambulance to that facility where he later underwent a six-hour surgery, during which doctors removed the aneurism, repaired two veins, and restarted his heart before sending him to recovery.

Five days after the successful surgery, Ken was released from the hospital. Ken’s treatment didn’t stop there, though — he enrolled in Iredell Health System’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program, a course that helped him regain his strength during his recovery.

“I just can’t thank Iredell Memorial Hospital enough for not only finding the problem before it killed me, but getting the proper surgery and surgeons involved and providing the follow-up treatment that helped me get my strength back,” he said.

After his surgery and rehabilitation, Ken is back to developing music and performing professional photography. He expressed his gratitude to the Iredell Memorial Hospital staff who acted promptly.

“There is not a doubt in my mind that Iredell Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Room staff saved my life."